I'm an Energy Therapist. I teach people how to diagnose and manage their own energy systems, as well as assist in adjusting any energetic distortions they may have.

I began my college education by studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware and Industrial Engineering at the University of Michigan. From this scientific background, I learned a structured approach to problem solving. After a few years of intensive self-exploration, I was ready to make the big transition to psychology and earned a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

I was guided to study further at the Victoria Merkle Center of Energy Medicine. I was a bit skeptical at first, but, as a true scientist, I was open to any method that could be repeated and yield practical everyday results.
I witnessed numerous transformations facilitated by various energy therapies. I also had many dramatic spiritual experiences myself (some of which I will detail as examples in my books). Similarly, many psychologists have experienced the effectiveness of working with energetic healing techniques. Their research and work has led to a new field called Energy Psychology. When expert Energy Therapists apply their craft, it is more powerful than traditional psychological therapies.

Mark Lorentzen

Mark Lorentzen

How does all this talk about energy relate to you? I will explain the subject to you in easy-to-understand language. One of my talents is the ability to gather relevant information, organize it in a logical way, and present it in an interesting format. My series of books will teach you how the primary human energy centers function and, more importantly, what you can do to shift unproductive investments of your energy.

I've led experiential personal growth workshops in California and Europe since 1991. If you are interested in pursuing this topic, I would very much encourage you to take one of my workshops. Part of my overall mission is to help people make the all-important shift from victim consciousness to claiming personal power. I would like to assist you in this vital process.